Homegrown Tamales Workshop, January 26th, 2019

Homegrown Tamales Workshop, January 26th, 2019

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Want to learn how to make tamales from vibrant homegrown whole kernel heirloom corn?  Traditional indigenous food preparation is an essential component in our quest for food and seed sovereignty, for we must remember and practice these time-honored culinary techniques as a part of stewarding our sacred seeds. 

Join Rowen White and her daughter Maizie in a hands-on tamale-making workshop in the community kitchen of their homestead farm of Sierra Seeds.  We will go through all the processes and teachings of nixtamlization of corn all the way through to beautiful little bundles of tasty tamales.  

As Maizie wrote in her last tamale blog post on her food blog Native Hearth:  

Every year my family and I gather round to grind homegrown corn, pick the best looking corn husks, make masa, and fill and wrap the tamales to make these tasty little bundles. Making tamales is an annual tradition in our family for our midwinter celebrations.  This year some friends came and joined in on making of the tamal; many hands make light work. There are lots of little steps to making the tamales so it helps to have lots of people to make it fun!  

Participants will go home with a dozen homemade tamales as the takeaway gift from this workshop.  Vegetarian and vegan options available. 

You will learn how to make from scratch:
* Red Chili Sauce from dried red chilies, 
or (from the fresh red chile ristra)
* Meat and vegetarian Fillings
* Masa for tamales
* How to prepare the corn husks 


Hope to see you there!